01 August 2014

Splish Splash

School starts back up soon so we're spending a few days out of town with the kids. Our entire objective: hang at the hotel by the pool. 

Naturally my weekend has me loving all the pool photography on Etsy. I always try but somehow my iphone just never captures a pool the way these people can. 

These make me want to rub on my sunscreen and jump in the pool. {And maybe break out my wallet and buy some art first.} Have a great weekend! 

31 July 2014

A Sponsor Thanks

 Goodbye July. How fast you went. 
I like to end each month thanking the sponsors who support this blog, so here's a great big THANK YOU to the fabulous 

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Give them a visit! 

29 July 2014

A {New} DIY Pom Pom Throw

A few months ago, in an attempt to help cover up the ugly expanse of brown leather that is the back of my couch, I made a throw using a shower curtain and some DIY pom poms and draped it over the back of the couch. 

It was nice to have it back there breaking up the brown, but I didn't love that the fabric matched the couch fabric so well. Plus I quickly learned that my DIY pom poms were not strong enough to withstand my three year olds, who loved to pick them apart one piece of yarn at a time. 
So I've been planning on replacing this with a legit throw. 
It was actually my plan to replace it with a turkish towel because it would have the light weight look I was wanting. 

But I spontaneously changed my plans this past weekend when I came across some fabric that I loved (and that was also on sale). It was thin so hung really well, so I knew it could totally pass as a light weight blanket if I did something with the edges. And it's hard to tell in photos, but it has silver stitching all throughout which I love. 
Since it's only job would be to look pretty, I didn't need a lot of fabric- I just got one yard, plus two yards of white pom pom trim. 

I hemmed the two long sides of the fabric by folding it over about an eighth of an inch, and then folding it over again so that the raw edge was completely hidden. I ironed the hemmed edges and then sewed them into place.

I trimmed away the frayed edges at the two short ends of the fabric and pinned the pom pom trim to each side. 

The pom pom trim was just a little bit stretchy, so when it was pinned in place it was pulling the fabric and making it bunch up a little, which you can kind of see in the above photo. So to prevent that look from happening when I sewed them together, I pulled the trim tight from both ends as I sewed it to the fabric, that way it would be stretched out to the length of the fabric when it was attached and wouldn't be pulling in towards the center. Hopefully that makes sense! And it worked- the fabric isn't bunched or pulled at all. 

Obviously the fabric would look better if I'd ironed it, but besides the wrinkles, I think it looks pretty good! 

25 July 2014

How to Make a Room Look High-End

 That's what I'm talking about at the blog for DecoraUSA today. 
I have a favorite method for making every room- even the ones decorated on the tiniest of budgets- look more upscale. And I'm sharing it at DecoraUSA's Idea Corner, so come check it out! 

23 July 2014

I'm On a Couch Hunt

 This sectional's days months are numbered. 

We've had it for almost four years now- the whole time we've been renting. It's sat in 3 different living rooms. It used to look very different, as you can see from this photo: 

 but after re-covering all the seat cushions  and making new back cushions to replace the slew of pillows that it originally came with, it's looked a whole lot better and been way easier to live with while I've been waiting till we had the money for the kind of couch I really want. 

I'm really wanting something with a cleaner look, nice straight arms, and the same fabric covering the entire thing. I hate how with this sectional the base and back is all dark brown leather. It makes it look a lot busier with the two-tone going on. I want a consistent color all over. 

I really like the look of this sofa from Cookes Furniture

It has the kind of clean, streamlined look I'm wanting. Something in this style would be so great because I feel like I could pile a million throw pillows on top of it without it looking too busy. My couch now has so much going on with the super thick arms, and two different textures (leather & fabric) plus the two different colors. Getting rid of the microfiber that was like 4 different shades of brown helped a ton but now I'm really ready for a couch upgrade. So the search is on! :)

22 July 2014

Okay, Now I'm Torn...

 ...Because yesterday I was gushing about how much I love the way my new pillows look on the couch, but then I tried them out in my room just for fun and I'm smitten. 

Maybe it's just because in this room that I've neglected for so long, it now feels like I actually care. Our master bedroom has been a complete after-thought ever since we sold our house and started renting almost four years ago. I've done NOTHING to make it pretty in all that time. Bringing in the finished sideboard was the first step to making it feel like there was something in here that I actually wanted as opposed to a bunch of crappy, temporary furniture that we got for free and just use because it fits. (-It's a big room but a weird shape, and because of all the angles every where, a lot of things I want, like bigger side tables, won't fit in here.) 
So anyway bringing these pillows in here and having something bright and pretty feels really really good! So now I don't know where they will stay, on the bed or on the couch. I guess I'll let the fabric combos that I come up with for the other couch pillows make my decision for me. 

By the way, the back drop to the pillows is an upholstered headboard that Rob and I made a few weeks ago! I haven't blogged it yet because it's not finished. The main part is, but now I can't decide on how I want to finish it off, with tufting or nail heads. So I'm waiting to get that figured out and finished before I post about it. But that's another step towards feeling like we have a real room again! And we've actually never had a headboard in the whole time we've been married so it's been really really nice to have something to lean up against for the first time ever! 

So that was a super long way to say that I don't know where the new pillows will be living yet! 

21 July 2014

Some New Pillows

 I mentioned recently that I've been wanting to wake up my couch a little bit with some more exciting pillows. I love the quiet, monotone look I've had on here, but it's just been feeling a little bland to me lately. 

I talked recently about searching for fabric for some new pillows, but then the other day while cruising a flash sale on Joss & Main, I came across these: 

I loved the pattern and black, white, and bright pink color scheme. And the price was fantastic for two down pillows, so I figured that even if they got here and I didn't love them in person, I could use them as inserts for a different fabric and still get my money's worth. 

But just to be sure I walked around the house with my open laptop and quickly looked at the pillow paired with each room. Obviously the living room was the most important since that's where they'd be going, but I like every room to kind of have a flow about them and relate to each other, so when something looks good in absolutely any room, I know it's a keeper. And I loved these all over the place so I bought them. 

I'm so glad I just went with my gut and got them because I love them! The pattern is so pretty and really wakes up the couch. And I love how it references the design on the ottoman fabric. 

I also love how the little pops of bright pink on the other side of the room are now repeated on the couch- 

And the black and white combo on these pillows looks perfect with all the black and white going on on the wall where the console table is. 

Now that I have these two I am definitely still in the market for fabric for the other two pillows next to them: 

They look fine together, they just aren't as exciting of a mix as what I'm wanting. So these two new ones will be my jumping off point for finding new fabric in contrasting patterns to make covers for the other two pillows on the left and right of the couch. The one in the middle is a toss-up...I'm not covering it because I LOVE it; I don't know yet though if it will stay here or if something will take it's place and it will move to the master bedroom (which I've finally started to SLOWLY do something with). So anyways we'll just see how things shake out with the fabric I find.
In the meantime I'm crazy about these new pillows!! Sometimes you just have to go with your gut and jump on a sale!