Why I love decorating

I remember the first houses I ever decorated. They were tiny, odd-looking houses- the homes of my dolls. I didn't have a doll house growing up, so I created houses for my dolls in any place I could think of: on top of my dresser, with the top drawers pulled out for balconies; on the shelves in my bedroom, with books slid in and out for doors; even under the bathroom sink. I'd lock myself in the bathroom with my barbies, (much to the dismay of my three siblings) clear out all the clutter from under the sink, and set to work turning it into a house. I'd use empty tissue boxes for beds, toilet paper rolls topped with a thin book for tables, and even squares of toilet paper as blankets and rugs. To anyone else who could have looked under that sink, it would not have looked like the insides of a beautiful home- it would have looked like the storage spot for the recycling. But to me, it was stunning. I didn't look under the cabinet and see toilet paper rolls. Those were just the stand-ins for the gorgeous furniture that I could picture in my mind. While my barbie lounged on a tissue box, in my head she was sprawled out on a feather bed. To me she lived a life of high-style and happiness, all from the insides of her glorious home. 
But my love of decorating didn't stop with the homes of my dolls. I also loved to decorate my house. My mom was sick from the time I was a little girl and she didn't have the energy to do much with the house, which meant that I pretty much had free-reign to do what I wanted with it. I would enlist the help of my brother and sisters to drag the furniture to different spots when ever I got a new idea of where things would look best. I would save up my allowance and then spend Saturdays dragging my twin sister around the neighborhood looking for yard sales where I could buy stuff to decorate with. I can't remember much of what I bought, but I do remember one time when I was about ten, buying some red fabric flowers that I thought were gorgeous. {I'm sure they were hideous.} I took them home, stuck them in a white plastic vase and put them in the middle of the dining room table. Then I sat back feeling satisfied and looking around with a smile on my face. I remember thinking those flowers just made the room.
My taste has evolved quite a bit from the time I was ten, but my passion for decorating has only gotten stronger. I think the reason that I love it so much is the same reason that I loved it as a kid, even though I couldn't have put it into words back then. When you decorate, you're not just creating a beautiful room, you're creating an atmosphere- and you can make it feel any way you want it to. That's why I love decorating.