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01 July 2014

Organizing A Few Kitchen Supplies

 I don't know why, but something that has always really bothered me in my kitchen is this view:

I hate seeing the dish rag draped across the center of the sink, and the dish drying mat always taking up counter space. It's a small thing but it's something I notice every time I'm in my kitchen and the other day I finally did something about it. 

My sister showed me last week how she has her dish washing gloves hung on a hook on the inside of the cabinet under her sink, and her dish rag hung on the pipe under the sink. I thought it was such a great idea so I figured I'd do something similar. 

I've seen ideas on different organizing sites for hanging a small curtain rod under the sink to hang your dishrag so it's out of view. I love the idea but have been procrastinating spending even the small amount of money that a rod would cost, so I thought my sister's idea for using the pipe that's already there was a smart one. 

I cleaned the pipe really well with alcohol to kill any germs and then lined the bottom of the cabinet under it with a thick water-proof cabinet liner. I don't plan on hanging the rag dripping wet under here but this way I won't have to worry at all about any water damage happening to the inside of the cabinet. 

Then I just draped the dishrag over the pipe. 

I have an idea to string up some baking twine or something like that under here to hang the dish rag on instead, but in the meantime I am perfectly satisfied with this solution. I love having that unattractive -and many times totally gross looking- rag out of my sight. 

Something else that I used to hate seeing, so I found a new spot for (several months ago though) was the dish scrubbers. I used to just leave them laying in the sink but I hated looking at them in there. Plus it seemed so counter productive- I always put them in the dishwasher after using them, but to pull them out of the dishwasher and then lay them straight into the wet sink where they really couldn't dry so could start growing bacteria right away again seemed kind of pointless. 
So I started keeping them in a canister under the sink and now they are able to dry out completely after they get washed or used, and they look so much neater under here than in the sink. 

That photo above gives a sneak peek at what I just did last week though to finish solving my cluttered sink area problem...(look to the left). 

I decided to use the space on the inside of the cabinet door for hanging my dish drying mat and dishwashing gloves. 

I could have bought Command clips to do this but I wanted to save myself the nine dollars so I made my own instead with clothes pins and some Command Strips I already had. 

I cut the large sized strips in half so that they were thin enough to cover one side of a clothes pin like this: 

I did this to three clothes pins. Then after wiping the inside of the cabinet door with alcohol, I stuck the clothes pins on it with the part that holds stuff facing down:

Then I impatiently waited the hour per the Command Strips instructions until I could hang up my gloves and dish drying mat. 

I feel so much more organized with this little area working so much better for me. And I love that now the view up above has gotten so much cleaner looking: 


01 May 2014

Cleaning Quick Tip- Polish Your Stainless Steel Sink

I first heard this trick when I got to meet Sabrina Soto at an HGTV event at the Mall of America in Minneapolis. She did a Q&A and shared some tricks she uses and one was a surprising product for polishing stainless steel. She talked about using it on a stainless refrigerator to help repel finger prints but I've since heard of using it on sinks too and it's now my favorite trick for getting my sink to sparkle. 

What is it?

Olive Oil. 

After cleaning and disinfecting my sink I wipe it dry and then pour a small amount of olive oil into the sink. Maybe a teaspoon or so per basin. Then I take a clean dry rag and spread the oil around to cover the whole sink. Since it's a really thin layer it doesn't look or feel greasy at all. It just looks super clean with a little shine and my favorite part is that it erases the areas of light discoloration that can happen in the bottom of stainless steel sinks. Since the faucet is also stainless I do a really light layer over that too. 

It doesn't last very long in the sink since I always wash it out with soap and a scrub brush after doing dishes. So I don't do this with every sink cleaning. I just save it for once a week when I'm cleaning the kitchen and spending extra time scrubbing and disinfecting the sink. It feels like a satisfying ending to my hard work to get to see my sink really sparkling after it's thorough cleaning. 

Give this a try. You'll love it I promise. 

14 April 2014

Our Kitchen Table {and Breakfast Nook!} is Finished!!

 After weeks of the kids eating lunches like this-

-we finally have a table in our breakfast nook again. 

Rob and I built this table on Saturday and even before it was finished I was hopping up and down around it, screeching about how much I loved it. 

I'm madly in love with the table top color. It's a custom stain color I mixed up, and I'll tell you how I did it in the upcoming tutorial post for the table.

I'm also obsessed with the hairpin legs, which we got from

I'm so happy to have this breakfast area done. Here's how it looked before I started it's makeover:

This little space felt a lot heavier than I wanted, and it didn't go with the look of the rest of the house. I was craving a lighter, airier look. 

Now thanks to a new light fixture {no longer available} and art from West Elm, a DIY bench {all supplies for building it from}, and now a new DIY'd table, our breakfast nook looks like this: 

It's like a breath of fresh air.
And I love that this room finally goes with the rest of the house. 

Best of all, these two approve. 

05 March 2014

So, we don't have a kitchen table any more...

In yesterday's post I showed you guys how Rob and I built that bench up against the wall in this photo, and I also gave a pretty big hint about my next plans for this room: 

Yes, I'm planning another table build! I want this one to be a mid century modern style- very simple top with metal hairpin legs. I've already ordered them from

So of course since I'm wanting a new table, I had to get rid of the old one. Especially since I was hoping for it to pay for the majority of the new table. And it will thankfully- I sold it on Craigslist over the weekend and got what I was hoping to for it. 

I can't say the sale wasn't a little bittersweet- we've had that table the whole time we've been married. We've eaten over ten years of meals at it. 

Yes, I have to admit I was just a smidge sad seeing it carried out the door. But it's just not at all my style any more. Any time I imagine my dream house, this table is never sitting in it. So that means there's no point keeping it. I don't want to hang on to something this big just for sentimental reasons. I have pictures and memories. It did help a lot that the couple who bought it was so super nice. They are building a new house and want this table in their breakfast nook. Knowing it was going to someone who was excited about it was really nice. So was tucking the wad of cash in my pocket and dreaming of my new table. I am so, SO excited about it. 

I love that our dining room table is one that Rob and I built together, so I'm really excited for our kitchen table to be something we made together also. 

27 January 2014

A bench at the Table

 This weekend I took some time to organize a few of the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen and clear the counters up a little bit. It feels so good to have things in there feeling more orderly. 

I also took away the high chairs from the table in the kitchen nook-

and moved the bench from the back wall of the living room back to it's spot at the table since our twins are tall enough now to reach the table when they're sitting on it. 

The bench had been sitting around the corner on this wall just outside the entry area- 

But that was just a temporary spot until we were ready to ditch the high chairs and put the bench back at the table where it belongs. 

Now that this area is cleared I have plans for it....

It's a major walkway and there isn't a whole lot of room back here so I can't do much, but I have a few ideas. 

In the meantime I've now added something to my to-do list- painting the kitchen table legs and base white. I haven't been happy with the finish for a long time so it's been one of those things I've been meaning to get around to eventually. But now with all the white on the bench right next to them, the table legs look dirty so I'm hoping to speed up my painting plans. 

I do really love the punch of color and pattern that the bench is giving this part of the kitchen. 

If you want to see how I re-upholstered this bench in the leafy fabric you can check out this post

12 June 2013

A Backsplash Look I Love

 No matter what a backsplash is made of- ceramic tiles, glass tiles, marble, etc- this is my absolute FAVORITE way for it to be done. Come see what it is here at GoldenageUSA's blog. 

02 May 2013

My Dream Kitchen

I love imagining what I would do in my dream house, and the kitchen is my favorite room to plan! If I could have this room, I'd be in it all the time and I just know I'd be super inspired to take my cooking up a notch! (hear that Rob...incentive!!

Here is what I want:

My dream kitchen would have cabinets in a high gloss, bright white. I want cabinets that shine. 

It would have white marble countertops.

For the backsplash, I'd do these Ann Sacks tiles:

They're from the Davlin collection and called white gold leaf. I'd get them in the rectangle shape and lay them in a herringbone pattern like this: 

My dream kitchen has not one, but two islands- plenty of space for prepping and serving. 

Hanging above those islands would be four light fixtures similar to this (two over each):

I want a mix of solid front cabinets, glass front cabinets, and open shelving, plus a large area of wall space where there is no upper cabinetry or shelving at all, just lots of pretty tile and big windows.  

I want a mix of glass knobs and silver pulls on the cabinets and drawers, and a sink similar to this one:

My dream kitchen has Electrolux appliances. Those people are geniuses at making commercials- I genuinely enjoy theirs. When Rob and I are watching tv and he's fast-forwarding through the commercials, I always stop him when an Electrolux commercial comes on. I love to watch Kelly Ripa doing her laundry and boiling water and popping cookies in the oven, and I imagine that if I had those same appliances I'd be just as amazing as she is. 

Besides, they are just plain fab- Electrolux designs their appliances in "suites" so you can choose matching sets that compliment each other and look sleek and stylish while delivering professional results. 

I love the built-in look that's so trendy with kitchens now, so it's awesome that they have a collection of counter-depth refrigerators that make that look possible. 

The appliances would be stainless, and to warm up all the white and silver and glass in the room, the floor would be a dark wood.

My dream kitchen must have a gorgeous ceiling too- I can't decide whether I'd want to do something like this:

or if I'd want to add some pattern up there with some metallic paper like this:

My light fixtures would have a gold finish so I think it would be really pretty to have the gold repeated on the ceiling and those two places would be the only spots in the room with gold; the rest would be silver and stainless. Come to think of it I really wouldn't have to choose- I could do both ceiling looks by papering the insides of the squares with a metallic, patterned paper. I'm swooning already. 

My dream kitchen would also have a gigantic walk-in pantry. And a butler's pantry. And maybe even a library ladder like in the pic above. 

I'm going to forward this post on to my husband now. 

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.